Electrical distribution is the 4th leading cause of accidental UK house fires, right after cooking appliances, smoker’s materials and other electrical appliances. This is extremely concerning. In some cases, these fires could have been prevented if action was taken sooner.

That is why, today, we will be sharing 10 signs that your home needs electrical rewiring. This could save you and your home!

Brown or burnt power sockets:

A telltale sign that can not be ignored is brown or burnt power sockets. Even if it is not burnt and just discoloured, you will want to look into this.

The smell of burning:

One of the first signs that your home needs rewiring immediately is when you have a burning smell that can not be identified. In this situation, shut your power off and contact us at Lux Electrical for qualified electricians in Cambridge.

A buzzing sound:

If you are hearing an obvious buzzing sound from your socket you will need to have that inspected. It may be a much bigger problem! You may need to contact an emergency electrician Cambridge.

30+ year old home:

Older homes are most likely in need of electrical rewiring. You can call us to have a look and let you know if this includes you.

Electric shocks when plugging in:

If you get a shock when plugging into your sockets, it is time to have a professional look into that.

If you have aluminium wiring:

Aluminium wiring should be replaced with copper. Older aluminium wiring is prone to overheating.

Fuses and circuits that trip:

When fuses trip, it can commonly be lead back to a specific appliance that is making that happen. However, there are some cases where there is an underlying problem. It is always worth taking a look at.

Porcelain Fuses:

Porcelain fuses were popular pre-1940s. If your home has them, your home needs electrical rewiring.

Dimming or flickering lights:

Although it isn’t a clear sign you need electrical rewiring, it could be a sign of a much bigger problem and is worth having inspected.

Sparks from an outlet:

If you see sparks flying please shut off your power and contact us at Lux Electrical for and emergency electrical technician immediately.