Your home is the perfect place for you to decorate and design it in a way that matches your style. Therefore, you want to make sure that every aspect of it is perfect. A domestic electrician in Cambridge will professionally install the lights into your home giving you the opportunity to make your house a home!



Chandeliers are one of the most elegant lights available for your home. Their delicate arrangement allows them to shimmer and sparkle when it’s turned on. Chandeliers are most commonly found in modern homes or traditional show homes.



Pendant lights dangle from the ceiling offering you the opportunity to personalise it in any way you want. With a pendant light, you can have different lamp shades fitted or have a classic retro style light by just having the light bulb. These lights give you the chance to furnish your house perfectly.


Floor lights

Do you ever find yourself walking around at night and not being able to see where you’re going? You’re stuck between not being able to see and going through the shock of turning on the big light. If you find yourself in this position, then floor lights may be the answer to your prayers. They sit in the skirting board around the floor and offer a warm glow to enable you to see where you’re going without putting stress on your eyes. Should you find that you need a floor lighting in home your for gentle lighting late at night, then lighting installation in Cambridge will safely install the lights into your home helping you get around in the dark.


Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights are all in the title. They are lights that are built into the ceiling. These can be considered safer as they don’t dangle down; therefore, you’re less likely to bang your head on it. Ceiling lights don’t come in a huge amount of designs however you will get the odd few that are just perfect for every room and every home with their subtle, elegant, homely style.


Floor Lamp

Floor lamps are adaptable to every home! Their broad range of designs allows them to be an option in everyone’s home. For example, you can get modern lamps, traditional, retro and classic. Alongside their range of style, they can also come in a selection of sizes making them even more versatile in your home.