At some point in our lives, we will need an electrician and probably on more than one occasion. An electrician in Cambridge will make your home safer by ensuring there are no loose wires and will do a PAT test to assure that nothing will short circuit or cause your circuit breaker to trip.



Electricians go through huge amounts of training and must have certain qualifications to practice it. These qualifications can include things such as Part ‘P’, NVQ 13, Elecsa and City & Guilds.



Electricity is very risky and if not dealt with properly can cause serious injury. In a home, the most dangerous places are the kitchen and ground floor bathrooms. This is simply because of the amount of electricity near water and the fact that they’re on the ground floor, and as we’re away, being grounded and coming into contact with electricity creates a circuit and will shock you.



Having an electrician do some work for you can be very expensive however it’s a cost that needs to be spent. The price may be high now but leaving any electrical issues can result in the further problems occurring and posing as a potential hazard. These issues can be costly to fix and will just be cheaper to call an electrician before it becomes a major problem. This will save you money in the long-term.


Tripping Circuit Breakers

A circuit breaker will trip or shut off because it’s being overloaded and is tripping in an attempt to stop it from overheating. Should the circuit breaker overheat, it could cause a fire, which again is very dangerous. If you notice that your circuit breaker is tripping more than normal, get in touch with a local electrician in Cambridge. They will source the problem, fix it and inform you how to avoid it happening again.

Flickering Lights

Have you noticed that your lights have been flickering recently? Flickering lights can be as a result of a dodgy wire or a poor connection to the light switch. This can be quite dangerous especially if it is producing sparks. If you would like your lights to be properly installed, then lighting installation in Cambridge will be able to assist! Their professionally trained electricians are capable of doing all sorts such as fitting, testing and rewiring.