Whatever you’re installing, whether it’s home automation, a home cinema, or lighting, you’ll want the job to be done safely, correctly, and preferably — just once! With this in mind, here are a few reasons why you should hire a professional for your electrical installations.

While it can be tempting to have a go at the job yourself if you have a little bit of technical know-how (or just love a DIY challenge), with costly gear, your safety, and wasted time on the line, it’s best to go straight to the professionals.

Let us explain why…


Safety first, as they say! While you might think you know how to approach an electrical installation safely, if you’re not a professional, chances are you don’t have a comprehensive knowledge of the safety risks involved and the precautions you need to take.

There are people who tackle these jobs for their career, so take advantage of their experience and let them handle it. A fully qualified electrician with years of experience will be able to complete your project safely and swiftly.

Cost-effective… Especially in the long run

Hiring an electrician costs money, which is often the reason why people try to complete the job themselves. If you want to get an installation done as cheaply as possible, this is just the logical thing to do — right?

Well, not exactly…

More often than not, people who attempt their own installations end up needing help down the line. As mistakes or damage can occur — either to your home, your appliances, or your electrical set-up — your project can end up more expensive than it would have been if a professional electrician had been called in the first place.


This leads us to our next point. Not to sound too doom and gloom, but if you mess up your electrical installation, unfortunately, you have no one to blame but yourself. In the unlikely event that an electrician makes a mistake, they’ll be responsible for rectifying the problem.

It’s legal!

It’s a lesser known fact that it’s actually illegal to carry out some electrical work, even in your own home. In the UK, we have BS7671 wiring regulations and Part P building controls that make hiring a qualified, certified electrician particularly important.


When you use an electrical company or contractor, you’ll have peace of mind that your project will be done to a professional standard. Homes are, quite literally, permanent fixtures in our lives. We spend so much time in them, it’s crucial to get all electrical works completed properly and safely to stand the test of time.

You’ll also have confidence that your project will be completed efficiently. With a professional, your installation will be done before you know it, letting you enjoy your new lighting, audio, or home cinema as soon as possible.

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