A home cinema can be an excellent source of entertainment for all the family and a great investment. However, setting up a home movie theatre involves a lot of components that can seem complicated. If you’re building your own, here are some common mistakes to avoid.

Building a home cinema: DIY or professional?

If you’re interested in setting up a home theatre, there are two routes you can take: you can build your own or hire an electrician.

Building your own system can be a rewarding project. However, professional home cinema installation is a good option if you’re not so confident in your electrical skills.

Mistakes to avoid when setting up a home cinema

If you choose to install your cinema equipment yourself, here are some common mistakes that can reduce the quality of your experience.

Poor room selection

Selecting a great space for your home cinema is a crucial starting point. A room with too many windows will not only be a challenge to darken sufficiently but will also have poor acoustics. You want to ensure your home cinema room has minimal natural light and lets in as little outside noise as possible.

Wrong screen size

One of the most iconic parts of the cinema is, of course, the big screen. For the most immersive film experience, you want the screen to cover your field of vision.

Most experts agree that bigger is better when it comes to home cinema screens! However, you might also want to take your personal preferences into account. Where do you usually sit at the cinema? Do you like to be in the front row or prefer to sit farther back? It’s vital that you don’t strain your eyes.

Uncomfortable seating distance

This leads us to our next point. As well as ensuring you have a good screen size, it’s important that you can sit comfortably without straining your neck. Test distances before installing your equipment or seating. Measuring and marking is key.

Bad speaker placement

A large screen is all well and good, but for ultimate home theatre escapism, you want speakers to match. As well as investing in top quality speakers, it’s important to place them effectively. Many people make the mistake of installing their speakers on the same wall as their screen. You’ll be able to hear well with this placement but won’t get surround sound.

Ideal speaker placement includes two on the opposite wall to the screen. This means you’ll be right in the centre so you can get the best results. It’s also a good idea to angle the speakers towards your seating, rather than simply mounting them on the walls.

Low-quality cables

It may seem like a picky point, but some home cinema systems come with free wiring and cables that are poor quality. Over time, they can break or become loose, compromising your home cinema experience. Investing in some better cables can save you from dodgy connections down the line.

If you’re unsure what to look for in your wiring, you can always speak to an electrician. The Lux team are always on hand to provide a range of electrical services.

And for more advice on making your home cinema like a real movie theatre, check out our guide.

Home cinema installation in Cambridge

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