For many people, Christmas is the best time of the year. Families come together, exchange gifts and celebrate the season with a delicious Christmas dinner.

As Christmas is coming up very quickly, soon it’ll be time to decorate. So, get your lights down and start planning how you’re going to light up your home, then come the 1st December you’ll know what to do.

Whether you packed your lights away neatly or not, they will always somehow be a tangled mess when it comes to using them again. Make sure your home is safe this Christmas with a domestic electrician in Cambridge. Professional electricians will ensure your home is safe for Christmas and will be there for you if you blow a fuse.

How to Install Christmas Lights Safely

When installing Christmas lights ensure that you always have enough plug sockets. This can be done by having extension cables. Although extension cables may be very handy, you need to be careful with how many you use. Take into account the wattage of your house and work out how many lights you will able to have on at once. Also think about the use of other appliances such as televisions, ceiling lights, ovens and much more. Blowing a fuse at Christmas will definitely not be on the Christmas list!

The installation process of lights is quite straightforward however it can be a little bit frustrating. Untangling the Christmas lights is one of the worst and most aggravating jobs to do at Christmas. Once you’ve fought the battle to untangle the lights, you can then begin to decorate.

Fastening lights to the inside of your house is a fun family activity. It brings the family together and gets the children excited about the arrival of Santa.

To keep plugs and lights safe at Christmas ensure that you keep them away from children and pets. It can also be beneficial to fasten lights to walls, bannisters and window frames. This will allow them to be safer as they won’t come loose and fall on those walking by, resulting in a tripping hazard.

Decorating the Outside of Your Home

When you come to decorate the outside of your house make sure you have outdoor lights that can withstand cold temperatures and the wet weather. Installing them on the outside of your home tends to be a team activity. Someone will be required to climb up the ladder while another person will be needed to hold the bottom of it to stop it wobbling. Alongside this, it is advisable to ensure that you can reach the desired area of your house without having to stand on the top step of the ladder. This top step isn’t very safe and can cause the ladder to become unstable. Therefore, ensure that you have a tall enough ladder to reach all desirable areas of your home.

For outdoor lights, it is unlikely that all the cables will reach back into the house to a plug socket. To solve this issue, an outdoor waterproof extension cable will be an asset. You may now be thinking, well how do I solve the problem of a loose wire on the lawn? This can be solved in two ways. The cable can run through the side of the garden, so it is out of the way. Alongside this, the wire can be pegged down. Tent pegs are a good tool for this as they have a curved top so they won’t cause any damage to the wire but will firmly hold it down at the same time. Preventing anyone from tripping and hiding the cable.

There are so many places on a house where you can attach Christmas lights. Some of which will be the gutters, doors and windows frames and trees and bushes.


Attaching lights to your guttering can make your house feel more magical and festive. To fasten them to the guttering and pipes there are clips available which will firmly hold the lights up in place.

Doors and Windows

Putting lights on doors and window frames is easier than you’d think. If it’s permanent fix, then nails will be appropriate. However, if it’s temporary for Christmas, command strips or suction cups are an excellent way to keep the lights up without causing damage to the frames and paint.

Trees and Bushes

Trees and bushes are an excellent way of decorating your home and making it look festive. Putting lights on a tree is a nice, simple and effective decoration. All you need to do is choose a tree and tightly wrap the lights around. The lights need to be wrapped tightly to ensure they don’t move or fall off, however, bear in mind that if you pull the lights too tight it can put the wire under stress. As a result of this, the lights won’t perform as well and can potentially break.


Do Christmas Lights Get Hot?

Be careful with some Christmas lights as they can get warm. The recommended type of bulb to have is an LED. Due to the nature of an LED bulb, they don’t get hot as they are 1.5 or 2.5-volt bulbs. They are inexpensive to buy and don’t require a lot of power, however, will still produce a great deal of light. Christmas and fairy lights nowadays are made with LED bulbs as they are much safer, but some people may still have incandescent light bulbs. These bulbs are much bigger and require more power, therefore, allowing them to get hot.

If you don’t have LED lights, it may be beneficial to get some as they will be safer in your home. However, if you’d rather keep your incandescent lights, then try to keep an eye on them to ensure that they don’t get too hot.

If you go all out on your Christmas display this year, try not to blow a fuse. If you do an emergency call out electrician in Cambridge will be able to help. Their experienced electricians have an in-depth knowledge of electrical works and will be able to get your home glowing with festivity again.