If you are looking to landscape your garden, why not consider having integrated garden lighting installed? The smallest of details can have often have the biggest impact and you could soon be enjoying illuminated alfresco dining in your garden with help from Lux Electrical. Below are 5 ideas to inspire you.

1. An Illuminated Path

A pathway illuminated by lights on either side can create a stunning effect, especially for those dark and cold winter nights. An illuminated path also has a practical use too. Not only can a lit path emulate an effect of moonlight, but it could also be used to create a look that is incredibly modern, especially if you choose an appropriate style.

2. Contemporary Softly-lit Courtyard

Atmospheric lighting can be achieved easily and can transform your courtyard space. You could even place a table and chairs outside in your garden to make the most of lovely summer evenings. There is nothing more romantic than dining alfresco under soft lighting after the sun begins to set.

3. A Glowing Water Feature

If you have a water feature in your garden why not install some lighting to ensure you can enjoy the sight of it as well as the sound in the winter months. You can even place lighting strategically on the perimeter of ponds to create an amazing otherworldly effect.

4. A Patio by “Firelight”

Create a vibrant and festive glow in the shelter of your patio with an electric fire. You could even use larger feature lights to illuminate your patio space and the inside of your home from the outside.

5. Low-Level Lighting

Make the most of your beautiful trees or other garden features by illuminating them with a spectacular glow. This can work really well for statues or other design features in your garden space, scattered amongst the foliage.
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