Lighting your home is a hugely important issue. Well-lit rooms can really make a difference to a house, but getting the right lighting installation can be tricky, especially during the darker winter months. Here are our do’s and don’ts for winter lighting installation:

Do plan carefully:

It’s tempting to rush in and just sort out your lighting installation quickly, but there is an abundance of options and approaches you can take. Do your research, speak to local electricians, and plan the best way to light your home.

Don’t overdo it:

More lights equal more light? Not necessarily. Most electrical companies will tell you that over time, this approach will cost you a lot more money. Having fewer lights, but ensuring they are good quality and well-positioned, will save you money and light your home more effectively during the winter months.

Do match your lamps:

In the winter, you’re going to have multiple lights on at the same time. If this consists of a combination of (for example) halogen and LED lighting, then it ends up looking a bit odd.

Don’t forget to layer your lighting:

This is a bit tricky, but it’s something that electrical companies will be able to help with. Layering your light means combining different light sources to create a mood or feel. Combining downlighting, table lamps, and other lighting installations can give your home the mood and feel you desire.

How Lux Electrical can help

Lux Electrical is a specialist electrical organisation based in Cambridge. We cover all aspects of electrical work, including lighting installations. If you’re looking for a local electrician in Cambridge, get in touch to find out how we can help.