High-Quality, Luxury Electricals

At Lux, Cambridge-based providers of high quality electrical installations and services, we fully understand that the line between necessity and luxury is one whose position varies between geographical locations and stages of development. There are many people in many places who do not have the financial or infrastructural means to accommodate for electricity supply and may still continue their lives healthily and contently without it, whereas in the place and level of modernity that we live in, normal life is unthinkable without electricity, whether or not it is really is a luxury.

Luxury Electricity

Should luxury or indulgence be something that we strive for and dive into, or should our values remind us to keep our distance from it? Does longing for luxury make us progress, or degenerate? Whether we perceive our gift of full access and use of electricity to be a luxury or a necessity, one thing that’s for certain is that electricity has done virtuous things for humanity. It has revolutionised work, education, communication, transport, the production of the food, clothes and other essentials, and electricity has brought so much more light and warmth into our lives. As long as we use electricity or any other possible form of luxury to genuinely better our lives and use it with responsibility, appreciation and kindness, there is nothing greater we can expect of ourselves to do with the gifts we are given.

Our Services

By example of our work and the passion that we put into it, Lux Electrical reminds you that that electricity is a wonderful thing as we install it with care and happiness. At Lux Electrical, we want to encourage the type of energy and spark that makes you feel positive and grateful, not idle or guilty, for virtue or sin lies not in objects and situations, but in what’s inside of us.

Modern Electricity

In our modern way of life that’s unavoidably artificial, in order to find balance, it may be necessary to maximise the areas of our lives that are de-stressing and soothing, since so much is demanded of us in other aspects that require us to function in almost machine like motions and efficiencies, rather than as soulful organic beings. Sometimes, this means that whatever domestic bliss’s you can entrust in at the end of the day including those that electricity enables to be brought to you, may be among the only things that can compensate for the hectic busy buzz and pressures you are faced with in the outside world, and the only way to finally bring yourself and your life back into balance.