Love watching films on the big screen? Well, have you ever thought about creating your very own home cinema? With a little bit of know-how, you’ll be able to set up a great space that oozes that ‘cinema feel’ you know and love.

Want to give it a go? Here are our top tips for making your home cinema more like a real cinema.

Hire a professional

You might be making a home cinema, but it doesn’t have to be DIY. Get some help from an expert who really knows their stuff. They’ll be able to fit your room with the best equipment on the market, bespoke cinema seating, and smart lighting.

By enlisting the help of a reputable company that has worked on lots of similar projects before, you’ll have peace of mind that your finished room will match your vision.

At Lux Electrical, we can help you with all of this and more. Contact us today for a friendly, no-obligation chat.

Get some style inspiration

To get an idea of what kind of aesthetic you want to achieve with your cinema, we recommend taking a look at some other set-ups. Pinterest is great for browsing lots of images and creating your own mood board.

Decide on your budget

It’s easy to get carried away making the room of your dreams, so work out how much you can afford before you start the transformation process. If you have a small budget, this will help you prioritise what you need to spend a little more on and stop you from splashing out on things you don’t need.

Research equipment

With your budget in mind, you can start researching equipment. Which bits of tech do you want in your home movie theatre? Do you want exceptional surround sound? A sharp image? Make a list of your brand options and take a look at product reviews. Which items should you invest in, and which can you spend a little less on?

Pay attention to seating

If you’re going to a cinema, no matter where you are, there’s one thing you can be pretty sure of… It’s going to have those classic cinema seats! If you want your home cinema to mimic a real one, consider your seating options carefully. Or why not consider reupholstering your current chairs with that quintessential red velvet fabric?

Add a snack bar

What do we all love about the cinema? The snacks! It’s hard to beat that nostalgic popcorn smell. If you have space in your cinema room, add a drinks bar or snack stand to hold popcorn, sweets, and soft drinks. It’s a small detail, but it will make your viewing experience all the more fun. Plus, guests will adore it!

Invite friends over

This leads us to our next point… You’re never in the cinema on your own. Make sure there’s enough seating in your room for lots of cinema parties at your place. Get into the habit of inviting your mates over for regular screenings, and your cinema will become the next it-spot!
Go all-out for parties
Some nights it will just be you and your family using your cinema, but when you host a party — embrace it! Cinema gatherings are a great opportunity to add lots of little details to the whole cinema experience. Print tickets for your friends put up film posters, and serve them at your popcorn bar!

How we can help

At Lux Electrical, we’re experts in bespoke home cinema installation. Contact us today to learn about how we can design and help build your ultimate home cinema experience. Based in Cambridge, we’ve helped countless residents in the area achieve their vision. Explore your options with us today.