Boilers are handy household appliances. They heat our homes and provide us with warm water. However, despite their long lifespan, they can break. Should your boiler breakdown and find you are in need of a new one, boiler installations in Cambridge will professionally fit a new boiler to your home ensuring you have access to hot water.


Unusual Noises

If you notice your boiler is making strange noises, it might be because it needs repairing or replacing. These noises could be banging noises or whirring noises (sounds that wouldn’t normally come from a boiler). These sounds can indicate the buildup of sediment deposits in the boiler.



You never would expect a boiler to smell, however, if they’re breaking they may start to smell. Most regularly if you’re smelling certain smells from the boiler, it’s probably because the ventilation system is broken. On a more serious note, it could be that there is a gas leak which is a big problem and must be fixed as soon as possible.



If you are experiencing a leaking boiler, then drainage in Cambridge will be able to help. They will source the problem, fix it with ease and let you know what the problem was. Leaking boilers tend to indicate an internal component is broken such as a valve or seal.


Doesn’t Heat Up Well

The primary purpose of boilers is to provide hot water for your home and generate heat to keep you warm and particularly in colder months. When boilers get old or are starting to break they won’t be as efficient at heating up the home and water, suggesting that you may need a new boiler.


Doesn’t Work

Boiler not working? Have a look at getting a new one fitted! If you have noticed that the boiler isn’t heating up water at all and isn’t showing a flame, it will be broken. A life without hot water isn’t the end of the world however when it comes to washing up it’s a lot easier with hot water. Get yourself a new boiler to allow you to have cleaner dishes.


Regular Repairs

Have you noticed that you have to keep calling the plumber to fix your broken boiler? Then it may be time for a new one! Constant repairs on the boiler can be costly and from getting a new one will mean you save money because you aren’t having to keep paying for repairs.