The Most Spectacular New Year’s Lighting Projects

Light has always been the favourite universal way to express the excitement in anticipation of the New Year, for light represents hope, joy, prosperity and rich fruitfulness for the future, around the world. Here are some of the most sophisticated and splendid light shows that warm thousands of hearts and produce fireworks in the soul.

Indigo Fountains of Stars

Japan is truly dedicated to the spirit of New Year, which is reflected in their light shows. For example, the Shidome Caretta Illumination, which begins in early November and doesn’t end until almost mid-January, creates a world of dreamy, ultraviolet indigo, richly scattered with 24,000 cool silver and lilac toned LED lights. It is like being surrounded by magical midnight fountains pouring with all the stars in the galaxy and is seemingly bathed in a halo of moonlight. A heart-touching aspect of the New Year’s celebrations in Japan is that every year in Kobe town, it holds an impressive light show to commemorate the Great Hanshin earthquake of 1995.

River of Light

The New Year’s light shows of Medellin, Columbia, is particularly excellent for its emphasis on river themes by the Medellin River. It combines the spectacular light of the New Year with the continuous beautiful flow of the scenic river. Romantically, the New Year’s celebrations here begin on the Day of the Little Candles on 7th December. It features 3D luminous, colourful water creatures on the land, and large ornaments hung up on the trees. The colours and patterns of the light shows here are designed to work with the incredible waves of the crystal river.

Pineapple Paradise

Saint Augustine in Florida holds an exotic ‘Night of Lights’ show. It’s a lush display of tropically golden light against fields and trees of delicious green. The fruity hues are utterly reminiscent of fun, scrumptious pineapples and the scene is one of pure paradise. It is natural yet luxurious; a completely indulgent and gorgeous place to be at New Years.

Garden of Gold

Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens are bountiful on beautiful light shows during New Year’s celebrations. In addition to Christmas trees, the existing vegetation becomes gold-spun with lights; the whole garden encapsulated in precious magic. Gazing at this garden is enough to enchant the heart. Meanwhile, the Christmas light show at Tivoli Lake throws otherworldly rainbow fountains dancing over the water, leaping joyfully through all the different wavelengths of the spectrum.

Galaxy Shower

The Ayala Triangle Gardens in the Philippines is blessed with a natural treasure of beautiful and diverse trees. These are used to full advantage for New Year’s when countless threads of endless little lights are hung from high up on the many foreign branches. Among an overarching scheme of cosmic blues and purples is a range of other colours, reminding one of the iridescent flecks of abalone shells and mother-of-pearls. Exploring these extensive gardens at this time of year is like a floating through a galaxy that showers you with an infinite pour of stars.