What We Do

Lux Electrical delivers full range domestic electrical services throughout Cambridge for affordable prices and excellent quality. We bring you back in touch with the wonder that electricity really is. After all, electricity is not a given guarantee for every household on our planet, it is a gift that we are privileged to have. Your contentment is your goal, and we are ambitious with what we’ll do reach it. This is why we cover every corner of your home and even beyond, working with businesses including cafes that add an extra dimension of cosiness to your life. We provide affordable luxury electrical service to any local in Cambridge in need of it because we believe that the gift of electricity is the right of every person and every family, and that no electrical task too big or too fancy for any household.

Our Service

By fixing your home with the highest quality electrical installations, and delivering electrical services with the greatest care by qualified electricians who fully understand and appreciate electricity and deliver with talent and joy, you become filled with contentment as you’re reminded of how wonderful and comfortable electricity makes your home, at how much it takes care of multiple aspects of your world, and takes the struggle away from so many areas of life.

Understanding Electricity

At Lux Electrical, we understand electricity to be not just one thing, but many; it achieves a bounty of good things for enriching how we live, from making our food to preparing our clothes to powering our communications and enabling us to access the web of information. Electricity is a luxury for its excellence and infinity of uses. This is why we feel that as electricians, it is especially important to not limit ourselves and provide a luxurious bounty of electrical services. This means we also take on larger electrical projects in the home such as electrical work on extensions or re-builds, as well as doing substantial electrical work for larger buildings and businesses.

Benefits of Electricity

Electricity is a true, all-encompassing gift. In its various forms and uses electricity is both comforting and enlightening, relaxing and exciting, necessary and entertaining. It is the source of almost everything when it comes to the what your home is running on, a domestic bliss that we are lucky to have. Electricity lights your rooms, irons your clothes, cooks your food, and gives you instant warmth. There is no limit to the good that electricity can do for you, and there is no limit to the good we can do for your electricity.