The Gift of Light

Light is one of the most beautiful gifts of electricity, and with such an incredible variety available for all areas of your home and purposes, you never need to be lacking the right light in your life. Here are a few of the most beautiful styles:

Glowing Pendants

Pendant lights hang elegantly from above by a single cord and give a soft, pretty glow. They are able to emit a gentler, lunar radiance from their globes or bowls as their bulbs are installed in groups, so that the light that is shared between them gives a more muted effect. The atmosphere created is delicate, refreshing, and romantic.

Enlightened Walls

Wall sconces are lights that are fixated to the walls, and most give the appearance of a soft glow pouring out the top, bottom, or both open parts of the sconce. These glowing pockets punctuating the walls creates a mystical, almost sacred feel. Other wall sconces come in traditional light forms including candle styles, lanterns, and wallchieres. These give a beautifully classic appearance that reminds one of the old libraries and wonderful palaces.

Trail of Light

Light in patterns that follow a particular trail or pathway includes track lighting and stairwell lights. Track lighting is where spotlight-style light fixtures are attached throughout conductive tracks across the ceiling. These give a showy, glamorous feel that works well in accent lighting for drawing attentional to sophisticated works of art. Stairwell lights, on the other hand, have more of a timeless, fairytale charm. They can be fixed on the stairwell in a variety of ways and make the staircase look like an enchanted path moonward.


Uplighters are lights that are fixed in a way that the illumination is directed upwards from within the bowl. The effect is very heavenly and the appearance is one of true preciousness. Uplighters create an inspiring and uplifting feel with their skywards direction and ethereal softness.

Stars Shining Down

Downlights are small lights that are fixed into the ceiling in numbers. Their radiance is concentrated to their spot and shines down steadily. They are most often circular and are like looking up at great stars in your home. They are luxurious, dreamy, and just like the lights, you find in aeroplanes when you’re high above the clouds.

Washed with Light

Types of lighting that give the majestic appearance of parts of the room being washed with lights include cove lighting and soffit lighting. Cove lighting is where whole blocks or strips of light are placed up on shelves or ceilings. The light echoes off the surrounding surfaces and the resulting softened effect across whole areas or edges give an overall look that is radiant and refreshing. Soffit lights are lights fixed up on the walls in multiples that shine down, turned inwards, giving the appearance of fluid, dreamy light pouring down, reminding one of the moonbeams and creating a slumbersome feel that makes it perfect for evenings.