Do you find that your current storage systems aren’t as efficient as they could be? Or, you need more storage? We have provided you with a list of discrete but effective storage cabinet ideas that may make your home tidier. Kitchen installation in Cambridge will be able to fit these types of storage cabinets and make your home less cluttered and more efficient.


Corner Cupboards

Corner cabinets are highly effective as they make the most of the space you have. Using these types of cupboards optimises the use of your kitchen as you’ll be using every part of the kitchen you can. Corner cupboards fit perfectly into the corner and can be designed in multiple ways, allowing you to choose the optimum style for your kitchen design. These cupboards can also be used in the bathroom. If you have your bathroom redone to allow for more storage, bathroom installation in Cambridge will install the perfect storage compartments for your bathroom.


Pull Out Bins

Pull out bins are efficient and much more hygienic than regular bins. These type of bins slot under work surfaces and are disguised as regular cupboards. By having them hidden, it means that you don’t have to endure the sight of a bin in your kitchen, especially if it’s smelly or full. Pets also won’t be able to get at the bins due to them being hidden away and their discrete design.


Utensil Drawer

A utensil drawer will systematically display all of your utensils. These drawers have certain slots for certain things such as a fork, knife and spoon section. There will also be holds for larger objects such as ladles or potato mashers. This means that you can keep your utensils tidy and organised.


Pull Out Shelving

Pull out shelving will slot easily into your kitchen and allow you to see the contents of the cupboard more easily. Rather than just having shelving with a cupboard door, pull-out shelving will mean that as you open the cupboard door, it will pull out the shelving with it giving you the perfect overhead view of what’s inside. This means you don’t have to stretch through a dark cupboard to find what you’re looking for.


Would you like to make your home tidier and more organised? Then get in touch with us today! We will renovate your kitchen or bathroom and provide you with the best storage cabinets to keep your home tidy.